Sun on Brick

Sun on Brick

Taken at Lyme Park, Cheshire. We were walking and came across this old wall. Something about the layers of stone (history) and the sun on the brick that I liked. Aren’t the best memories, the lasting memories, burnt into the brain with sun? That wall will be there long after I’m gone. Will someone stand where I stood one day, the sun coming out for a moment and lighting the brick with the first hint of summer, and take a picture?


About Ian O'Brien

I am a teacher and scribbler, living in Manchester, UK.
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3 Responses to Sun on Brick

  1. Pseu says:

    nice shot.
    Just to be picky… (some may say pedantic) that’s not a brick wall, that’s a stone wall. Brick is man made… fired clay, regular shapes and sizes.

  2. I like your thought, of history and of someone else coming along and taking a picture of this wall as you have done. Something so romantic about an enduring structure like this. I wish it could tell us of all the people it has met and all that it has seen before you took this shot. What an interesting tale that would be. Thank you for sharing this.

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