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The Dead Shift

This is a short story I started ages ago and never got round to finishing until now, based on a real conversation I had with a regular in the pub I worked at in North Manchester whilst at uni. It’s clumsily … Continue reading

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Grace Under Pressure

When my granddad passed away earlier this year, he left an old tin with papers in: letters, photos, postcards. Amongst these papers were three old postcards; yellowing, tired, faded relics. Granddad had shown these to me when I was younger, … Continue reading

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To the centre of the city in the night

I took this picture from a moving car with a bad camera. For some reason it makes me think of me of the start of Joy Division’s ‘Shadowplay’. Dark, ominous, modern, stark yet blurred.

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A Defence of ‘Our Lady of the Goldfinches’ by Jane McNulty

On Thursday evening I went to see a production of Jane McNulty’s incredible new play, ‘Our Lady of the Goldfinches’ at The Lowry in Salford. McNulty’s hard-hitting, disorientating masterpiece stays with you long after you leave. The play deals with … Continue reading

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