Linger on

Sorting through boxes of old junk and papers, clearing things out, I found some old bad poems and some lyrics and guitar chords printed out years ago when learning guitar.
Found this gem. Not played it for years and stumble across it the week Lou Reed is taken from us.
Today is filled with memories and The Velvet Underground. Thinking of the first time I heard ‘Pale Blue Eyes’, ‘Candy Says’ or ‘Sunday Morning’, when time stops and you melt, the record consuming everything, like the first time you hear The Smiths, the first light to reach Atlantis, feeling yourself g r o w



About Ian O'Brien

I am a teacher and scribbler, living in Manchester, UK.
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1 Response to Linger on

  1. Remembering hearing “Pale Blue Eyes” for the first time must be a nice memory.

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