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There is a light. How poetry is helping us find hope this week in Manchester

I teach English in an inner-city Manchester school. It’s been a tough week. Monday night’s terrorist attack created a backdrop of sirens, questions and uncertainty. Our school is as diverse as the wider city, we have a palette of pupils from … Continue reading

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There Is A Light

Just listened to Mike Garry talking about the Smiths on Radio 4 (check out his blog godisamanc.wordpress.com.) Got me thinking about the first time I heard the Smiths. Just left this response on Mike’s page: I don’t know what I’m … Continue reading

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Why you’ve got to love Mike Garry

Stockport in the rain on a Friday night. Grey lashed streets, lights coming on too early for June. A couple of hundred people amble into the Guildhall, collars up to the drizzle. The room is like a function room at … Continue reading

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